Fixed Deposit

Fix a preferential interest rate
Fix a preferential interest rate

Fixed Deposit

NBQ Fixed Deposit Account offers you competitive interest rates, and the ability to choose when your funds mature to suit your financial needs. Fixed Deposits are available in AED, USD, GBP and other major currencies. When your Deposit matures, you have the option of rolling over your deposit for a further term or adding a fixed amount automatically at renewal

Features and Benefits

  • Minimum deposit of AED 50,000 or its equivalent in USD
  • Flexible terms – 1 month to 5 years
  • Early withdrawals permitted
  • Facility to borrow against Fixed Deposit
  • Preferential interest rates, depending on the duration and currency of deposit

Fees and Charges

Each premature withdrawals penalty will apply

Interest Rates for Fixed Deposits (AED & USD)


All customers are eligible to avail this product

Documents Required

  • Fixed Deposit Account Application form
  • Other documents may be requested at the discretion of the Bank

Terms and conditions apply

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